Newt Gingrich’s Top Campaign Staffers Quit Over “Vision”

Newt Gingrich’s top campaign staffers may have derailed his Presidential hopes before they really managed to get started.

According to those who quit, including campaign manager Rob Johnson, four top strategists and several consultants, Gingrich’s “vision” for his campaign was different than theirs.

A large concern was that Gingrich chose to take a two-week cruise rather than put his campaign back on track after a rather pitiful start.

According to the Fix blog:

“It’s not clear how—or whether—Gingrich will remain in the race.” However they believe that Gingrich’s failure to embrace grassroots campaigns may have also led to the decision

Ron Johnson and strategist Dave Carney are both aligned with Texas Governor Rick Perry which is leading to speculation that he may jump into the presidential run mix.