Lil Wayne Put On Blast For Supporting The Gay Community

Lil Wayne and Macklemore have recently found themselves in the middle of a taboo topic that still plagues the urban culture of hip hop today. According to Pink News, Europe’s largest gay news service, rapper Daylyt has condemned acts like Lil Wayne and Macklemore for getting caught up in pushing for LGBT rights. It’s smart for acts like Lil Wayne and Macklemore to support a plight because it bands people together, comments on the culture of the current world, and will probably positively effect their audiences. However, it looks like their support of the LGBT is ruining their street cred in the eyes of one rapper.

In an interview with Vlad TV, rapper Daylyt blamed Macklemore and Lil Wayne for gay culture taking over hip hop. In his own unique words, Daylyt said that, “gay s–t is taking over the world.”

His response about “gay s–t” is in reaction to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis winning the Grammy award for Best Rap Album. Now when Macklemore won the award there was uproar, as some people called it category fraud, and others were just disappointed that Kendrick Lamar didn’t get his due, but no one said that they were upset because of Mackelmore’s LGBT message, until now that is.

Of Macklemore’s gay s–t, Daylyt said:

“Gay s–t is taking over the world. [Macklemore] rap about is gay s–t. He’s with the gays, and we know this.’

Although it’s expected for someone like Daylyt who exhibits ignorance on the gay community to use Macklemore’s positive message as a target, it’s a surprise when he takes aim at Lil Wayne. Over the years Lil Wayne has been heralded as one of the best rappers in the game.

Of Lil Wayne the rapper said that he is attempting to “sneak into the gay world while still trying to stay hood.”

Daylyt continues to explain his Lil Wayne theory:

“He was trying to stay hood, but trying to grasp that gay fan-base,” he continued. “The motherf*ckers are in the billions bro. Gay people are in the billions.”

This slam against Lil Wayne and Macklemore comes at the same time that rapper T-Pain opened up to Vlad TV about gay support or lack thereof in the urban market. Calling the urban music community homophobic, T-Pain explained:

“You ever notice how homophobic n—-s is all the time? It’s like, dude if you ain’t gay, then gay things shouldn’t bother you, gay people shouldn’t bother you. You ain’t going to get your a– pumped dude, ain’t nobody trying to look for you my n—-. You can say gay things but not be seen as gay. You don’t gotta say, ‘No homo.'”

So far Lil Wayne hasn’t said anything in regards to Daylyt’s comments about his LGBT support.

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