Sydney Places Curfew On Cats [Australian Law]

Cats in Sydney, Australia have a curfew. After attacks on native wildlife the city has imposed a “dusk to dawn” curfew on the animals. The decision to place the curfew on the cities feline friends came after a deputy mayor’s son had to protect a parent and baby possum from an attacking cat.

According to Reuters there have been 564 reported cat attacks in the last year.

According to a local official it’s only fair that the cats give way to the local wildlife becasue:

“After all, they were here first, we’ve introduced domestic pets, so we have a responsibility to control them.”

Cat owners are also being asked to place a bell on their cats collars to warn people and animals when those cats are approaching.

When asked why Dogs were not put on the same curfew the deputy major said:

“Dogs will do terrible damage to a possum, but they don’t get them quite as often because they don’t climb trees.”