Justin Bieber Reportedly Speeding In Lamborghini Before DUI Arrest

Justin Bieber wasn’t drag racing when Miami Beach police stopped then arrested him last month, but that doesn’t mean the teen singer wasn’t reportedly speeding at 136 mph hours before his later DUI arrest, according to a new report.

The 19-year-old and pal, R&B singer Khalil Sharieff, also 19, were arrested for suspected DUI just after 4 am on January 23.

The pair – Justin drove a rented, yellow Lamborghini; Khalil, a red Ferrari – were stopped on Pine Tree Drive, a residential street with a 30 mph limit.

There have been questions about the legal basis for the stop. A statement in the police report estimated both vehicles were traveling between 55-60 mph while “preparing for a drag race.”

Previously, TMZ obtained tracking and speed records from the GPS systems fitted inside Bieber and Khalil’s cars.

Taking readings from the period before, during, and after their arrests, the website reported Bieber’s Lamborghini pulled away from the local SET nightclub at 04:07 am and reached a top speed of 44 mph.

Just two minutes in, the GPS registered a maximum speed of 27 mph. Miami police claimed they noticed the Bieber convoy in drag race mode on the 2600 block of Pine Tree Drive.

When the teen singer stopped at the 4100 block he was arrested. TMZ noted the read out was 27 mph on the 3700 block, an undeniably low speed at the mid-point of a so-called drag race.

Justin Bieber Sped In Lamborghini Before DUI Arrest

(Photo: GPS Map corresponds to readout below.)

However, the site has now accessed records from further back on January 23 and included a clear graphic.

The readout appears to show that at 1:23 am Justin notched up speeds of 108 mph then 136 mph on his way to SET, at least two and half hours before his stop and arrest.

On January 29, Bieber pleaded not guilty – through a written filing by one of his lawyers – to charges of driving under the influence, resisting arrest without violence, and driving without a license.

The singer is scheduled to be arraigned on February 14 but is not expected to attend.

A Florida court recently set a March 3 trial date for the case.

Although Bieber may not have seen by police clocking these reportedly high speeds in the Lamborghini, if the readout is accurate it will be used as evidence against him in court.

That evidence also includes the results of a toxicology report which revealed marijuana and the anti-anxiety drug Xanax were present in the Canadian’s system at the time of arrest.

Justin Bieber GPS Records

([Photo: GPS reading corresponds to map above)

Police stated Bieber was “cocky” and belligerent before and when he was arrested, but there appeared to be little evidence of that by the time he was taken to Miami Beach police station, judging by CCTV footage released on Thursday.

Bieber’s Miami legal team — who appear to have been caught on the hop — filed a motion late Friday asking a judge to prevent pictures or videotaped images of the singer’s “Intimate private parts” captured during his jail custody being released to media outlets.