Ja Rule’s 2 Year Lock Up Begins

Rapper Ja Rule officially began a two year prison sentence today in an upstate New York correctional facility, after turning himself in on Wednesday.

Charges against the hip-hop artist stemmed from an incident in July 2007 when police pulled ‘Ja’ over for speeding in his Maybach after performing in a concert.

Reports then state that authorities found an unlicensed, loaded, semiautomatic 40-calibre pistol in the back seat. Ja Rule was arrested and then released the following day on $150,000 bail.

Although sentenced two years for his actions, Rule is expected to serve between 18 and 20 months with good behavior.

The Grammy-nominated artist has always appreciated his fan base and prior to his sentencing he tweeted:

‘Out on my patio having my last free moment I love all my fans Pain is love!!!’

According to reports, Ja Rule plans to make the most of his time in prison by finally earning his GED and possibly even writing a book.