Kelly Ripa Hosts Live! Make-Up Free After Losing Super Bowl Bet

Kelly Ripa hosted Thursday morning’s edition of Live With Kelly and Michael without any make-up on after she lost a Super Bowl bet with her co-host, Michael Strahan.

The 43-year-old still looked beautiful even without the usual collage of cosmetics that adorn her face, but it was evident to everyone viewing at home that she wasn’t comfortable without it.

As she began the show she self-deprecatingly joked to the audience, “Calm down, we’ll all get through this together. Don’t adjust your dials. There’s nothing wrong with your TV. One of us is wearing makeup today, and one of us isn’t. Not even anti-shine. I labored under the delusion that I looked OK without makeup until I came out here and I went, ‘Oh my God!'”

However, Strahan looked to support his co-host, and tried to remind her that she is still a natural beauty. “You look great,” he erupted. “And really fresh.”

Strahan then took great glee in explaining to those watching at home that Ripa had actually lost “a big Super Bowl bet” between the pair which had lead to her naked face. “I’ve never lost a Super Bowl bet, ever, in my life,” said Ripa. “So imagine: A, losing, B, losing and you can’t wear makeup and C… what’s C?”

Unfortunately, C was the real kicker for Ripa because Strahan then revealed, “George Clooney is here today.” But her main concern was for the actor as she remarked, “Which really only punishes George Clooney, who’s a national treasure.”

Strahan went to great odds though to complicate Ripa despite her lack of lipstick, eyeliner etc, reiterating, “You look great. I’m happy you lived up to your bet.”

Meanwhile, like Strahan, Clooney made sure to remind Ripa that she still looked sparkling, stating before his interview, “She’s very beautiful, I can’t wait to see her.” But Ripa still wouldn’t hear any of it, and declared, “I’m scared that your eyes might actually burn in your skull.”

Clooney appeared on Live With Kelly and Michael to promote his latest film Monuments Men, and he discussed what it was like directing his friend, Matt Damon. “It’s not easy to direct Matt Damon,” the former E.R. star joked. “I catch him stealing every once and a while. Oh yeah.”

On Friday’s edition of the show, Kelly, now with makeup, confessed, “Here’s what I learned about myself yesterday. People were so kind to me yesterday. It must be far worse than I imagined! I’ve never seen such a positive outpouring of love and affection for me on this show!”