Python Found In Florida: Burmese Snake Weighed 150 Pounds

An 18-foot Python found in Florida is thought to be one of the biggest ever discovered in the region. It measured just under 18-feet in length, and weighed around 150 pounds. The snake is a Burmese python that a lucky (or unlucky), crew of water-quality maintenance men came across in their travels.

Employees from the South Florida Water Management District often see snakes as at work when they find themselves at the bottom of canals and in pump stations.

Nevertheless, the massive 18-foot python found in Florida was exceptional, as the members of the crew who ran into it will tell you. Randy Smith, a spokesman for the Water Management Agency said:

“Needless to say, when you get one this big, it raises eyebrows. It’s just such a large animal. They have no predators. They’ll eat anything, even alligators. They are ferocious creatures.”

As soon as the crew detected the snake, they immediately called the agency’s python coordinator who arrived on site and killed the snake with a single shot to the head.

Even though the python found in Florida was big, one of the biggest, it didn’t beat the current record holding snake which measured 18-feet and 8 inches. That snake was spotted by a man in Miami-Dade County back in May 2013.

Pythons in Florida aren’t only dangerous to humans, they are also a real pest and kill rabbits, raccoons, opossums, bobcats and other native species in the area. In fact, pythons are frequently.such a problem in the region that last year the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission held a competition to see who could kill as many pythons as possible.

Unfortunately, the python found in Florida is no rarity and local residents are instructed to remain alert and to report any dangerous snakes they come across to the relevant authorities.