George Zimmerman Boxing DMX Announced On Trayvon Martin Birthday

George Zimmerman boxing DMX is going to happen. The announcement comes on what would be the 19th birthday of Trayvon Martin. Working together with celebrity boxing promotor and trainer Damon Feldman, George Zimmerman offered an open challenge to fight anyone. Within an hour of the challenge being offered, they received thousands of responses by email.

Of the reportedly 15,000 applicants, the final decision was for George Zimmerman to step into the celebrity boxing ring against rapper DMX. Zimmerman has been training for a while and got involved with Feldman to get in shape.

“Boxing isn’t new to me. It’s something I had picked up well before the incident and it’s something that I liked, I enjoyed, and I kept up with it and I was able to lose a tremendous amount of weight and get a healthy lifestyle,” Zimmerman told Radar online.

DMX is an interesting choice as an opponent. The 43-year-old rapper has been arrested for everything from driving violations to being suspected of murder. If there is anyone George Zimmerman might be afraid of, it would probably be DMX. The rapper turned actor said he wanted to do the celebrity boxing match for, “every black person who has been done wrong in the system.” He then went on an expletive laden rant about all of the things he would do to Zimmerman in the ring. Let’s just say they aren’t going to be friends.

The celebrity boxing match will be for charity according to Zimmerman and Feldman. They would not release what charity he would be fighting for, out of fear that the organization would receive too much negativity. It is doubtful that whatever charity George Zimmerman steps into the boxing ring for will get much attention at all. All eyes will be fixed on DMX.

Some are skeptical about whether or not DMX fighting is a good idea. Twitter went wild with thoughts about the boxing match up.

Many are questioning the timing of the announcement, being the birthdate of Trayvon Martin, the teenager Zimmerman shot and killed. The racial shockwaves caused by the incident are sure to come rising to the surface again.

George Zimmerman boxing DMX will happen on March 1st. It will be viewable on Pay Per View and online. Damon Feldman will hold a press conference next week to release more details.