Fake Justin Timberlake Tickets On Craigslist Gets Scalper Arrested

Justin Timberlake’s The 20/20 Experience Tour is one of the hottest tickets of the year. So hot that tickets to Timberlake’s concert has landed a man from the Bronx in jail. Christian Gil, 20, a man who obviously wanted to make a buck off of Timberlake’s success was found and cuffed after he sold fake tickets to the “Mirrors” crooner’s concert. According to police tickets were for Timberlake’s Boston TD Garden show and were listed on Craigslist.

An unsuspecting Justin Timberlake fan who was looking forward to attending his concert in Boston was duped when Gil sold phony tickets over Craigslist. The victim, having a feeling that Gil was being dishonest, got a friend involved. The friend then contacted Gil with the intent to buy Timberlake tickets, and that’s when the man incriminated himself. According to police officials, the scalper took a picture of the same tickets he gave to the first victim.

Unfortunately, the first victim sent Gil the money for the tickets before anything could be done. Once Gil responded to the friend, the two called the Wellesley Police Department so that Gil could be brought up on charges. Thinking collectively, the officers had arranged for Gil to come to Wellesley Hills Square so that the man could sell the fake Justin Timberlake tickets. According to the report, Gil arrived on Thursday, and the transaction was made. However, to Gil’s surprise, after the sale was finalized a few Wellesley police officers arrested Gil and he was charged with larceny for stealing over $250.

According to the police, Gil is currently being held out on bail to the tune of $5,000.

This isn’t the only scam that’s occurring with Justin Timberlake tickets. One user posted a warning for Timberlake ticket buyers on the same site that Gil used to sell his counterfeit tickets on.

The anonymous poster decided to post a warning to Craigslist about “JT scammers.”

“I have been communicating with a phone number that advised me to pay for a pair of great tickets at a great price and was informed to use Reload Packs at a Walgreens or Hornbachers and they would securely do the transaction through various other steps. Google reload pack scams. They can take your money.”

In another instance, a Craigslist user posted a separate scam that was happening with Justin Timberlake tickets:

“Do not do deals that want you to do the Net Spend cards. The people will rip you off. They will tell you that they “cannot cash” the card until you give them a number off the receipt. This is a lie. They will insist on calling, prob from a disposable phone, or have no caller ID. They often pretend they have decent seats, on the floor or near and charge $150 per ticket.
Don’t get scammed!”

Hopefully Craigslist will be the leading source of disabling scammers from stealing hard-earned cash from music fans.