Colorado Hostage Situation: Suspect Shot Dead, Teenage Boy Was Brian Welch’s Cousin

A hostage situation came to an end in Arvada, Colorado on Tuesday after an 18-hour standoff. The suspect has been identified by Arvada police as Don Pooley, a parolee who was on the run with several outstanding warrants. Pooley was shot to death and his teenage hostage was rescued just after 11 am on Tuesday morning.

Arvada Police Chief Don Wick said the hostage situation began in the small Colorado town when a domestic dispute call was phoned in Monday afternoon. Most likely afraid of facing his outstanding warrants, Pooley ran from the home he was in and entered a neighboring house. The unnamed 13-year-old boy was the only one home. When police arrived, the boy became a hostage.

The boy’s mother and father arrived home a short time later, but were not taken hostage. Chief Wick was unable to comment much further, as an investigation is still pending. Pooley had access to the television once inside the house, so Arvada police wanted to keep the situation as quiet as possible.

As Monday night gave way to Tuesday morning, news began to get out about the developing hostage situation. On Monday morning, Brian “Head” Welch of Korn heard about the stand off. He revealed through Twitter that the hostage was his cousin.

Pooley was speaking with his sister on the phone throughout the whole ordeal, who was outside with police. As hostage negotiators tried to reason with him, he had reached the point of no return in his mind. Trying to get the police to back away from the house, Pooley suggested a plan.

“Let me try. I just wanna run. If you catch me, good. Then you caught me. If not, then sorry about your luck. Maybe another day.”

Police did not respond to his demands. However, Pooley requested breakfast through his sister on Tuesday morning. SWAT teams delivered the meal to the doorstep of the home and took their shot. The suspect was killed immediately and the teenage boy managed to escape unharmed. He was taken to an ambulance for precautionary measures.

The last thing Pooley’s sister heard was the hostage suspect calling out her name. Police will continue to investigate the hostage situation to see what caused the original domestic dispute phone call.