Gulfstream 690c Crash: All Four Aboard Dead After Aircraft Avoids YMCA

A Gulfstream 690c aircraft crashed near a YMCA in Bellevue, TN around 5 p.m. on Monday night. Four family members known to be aboard the small plane have all been pronounced dead by emergency teams. The Gulfstream 690c departed from Great Bend, Kansas around 2:45 p.m. and was registered with MidKansas Agri Company out of Pawnee Rock.

View the flight path of the plane here.

Tragically, the family of four consisted of grandparents Glen and Elaine Mull, daughter Amy Harter, and granddaughter Sami. Sami was a high school student. The plane was scheduled to land at John C. Tune Airport in Nashville around 5 p.m. For some unknown reason, the family missed their first approach. Upon heading back for a second approach, the aircraft went down.

Metro Nashville Fire District Chief George Hickey described the 80 yards or so scattered with flames and wreckage to News Channel 5 as “totally devastated.” A nearby YMCA was filled with over 300 people inside. As the plane began to turn, witnesses noticed it was not going to make it. One person described the movement as a making a hard right bank and then plummeting towards the ground.

Although trees were destroyed in the plane crash, no one has been reported as injured on the ground. Emergency response teams will be clearing the wreckage for several days and will not be able to give a full report until then. It appears the family was heading into Nashville to attend the Cattle Industry Convention & NCBA Trade Show at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center.

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The pilot of the Gulfstream 690c is being heralded as a hero for managing to avoid injuring or killing anyone else in the crash. The YMCA of Middle Tennessee released a statement in which they said, “while details of the crash are still emerging, the near-miss of our building surely saved dozens of people from harm.”

The Gulfstream 690c aircraft crash still leaves many questions that investigators hope can be answered in the coming weeks using surveillance footage.

[Image Via Fox12 TV]