Pizza Hut Attempted Robbery During Super Bowl Has Police Looking For Two Suspects

A Pizza Hut robbery attempted during the Super Bowl game has left police in Charlotte North Carolina looking for two suspects.

Police say that the two men came into the restaurant on Kings Drive around 8 pm Sunday night. According to WCNC, the men were armed with guns and told everyone to get down on the ground. A quick thinking employee hit the restaurant's panic button and the armed men quickly left the scene.

Pizza Hut has been in the news quiet a lot as of late. In an earlier report by The Inquisitr, a Pizza Hut employee was recently fired after she was caught spitting on the pizza that was to be picked up by the Unicoi County Sheriff's Department Chief Deputy Frank Rogers. The Erwin, Tennessee Pizza Hut employee, Amanda Engle, faced a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct.

When talking about the charges against her, Engle's denied everything saying that "this is a ridiculous accusation. I didn't do it. I wouldn't jeopardize my job or my family over this man." Pizza Hut later issued a statement saying that "We take any claim about our food very seriously. Food safety and cleanliness are top priorities for us."

More recently, The Inquisitr reported that Pizza Hut had created and offered a flower-shaped pizza to help customers in China ring in the Chinese New Year. According to the report, Pizza Hut was offering two different versions of the flower-shaped pizzas. "The first offering features pepperoni, pastrami, pineapple, olives, and tomato sauce, while the second caters to those who prefer crayfish, baby scallops, cucumbers, peaches, olives, and lobster sauce."

The first pizza ran customers around $18 for a regular size pizza and $23 for a large. The second pizza cost around $19 for a regular size pizza and $23 for a large. Unfortunately for Pizza Hut's US customers, the pizza's were only offered in China, though the report did state that US customers would be getting an "imperfect crust".

Pizza Hut's Carrie Walsh stated that the idea behind an imperfect crust was to make their pizza's look more authentic and "less cookie-cutter". "What we want to highlight is that these really are handcrafted. We're encouraging them to make sure they make each pizza one of a kind," said Walsh.

In the case of the Charlotte North Carolina Pizza Hut attempted robbery, nobody was reported injured during the incident. After the restaurants' alarm was set off, both men fled from the scene and were gone by the time police arrived according to the Charlotte Observer. So far police only have a sketchy description of the suspects to go by.

[Photo Credit: Selbe B via photopin cc]