Best Super Bowl Ads: Lawyer Smashes Grave With Flaming Sledgehammer [Video]

Everybody is talking about the best Super Bowl ads today, especially because the game did not leave much to talk about. People will be searching for and discussing whether they liked the Budweiser puppy ad or the Seinfeld reunion. But unless you live in Georgia, you probably missed one of the best Super Bowl ads ever aired in local advertising space.

Jamie Casino, a personal injury attorney in Savannah, is well known for his TV ads that look pretty much like any other lawyer commercials. But his two minute long Super Bowl spot turned into an epic movie trailer. Casino bought up all the ad space allotted for local businesses and smashed a gravestone with a burning sledgehammer.

The video is a story of corruption, revenge, and justice. It ends with a picture of Casino’s deceased brother Michael and the hashtag “CasinosLaw”. While the rest of the country was watching local car dealerships, jewelry stores, and other typical half time commercials, the state of Georgia was treated to Casino’s Law.

Twitter had a field day with the well produced commercial.

Local Super Bowl ads can cost upwards of $100,000 depending on where they are located. While that isn’t much compared to the four million dollars a national commercial will cost, it is still a hefty sum. The law offices of Jaime Casino were serious about getting their message out.

Which of the Super Bowl ads do you think was the best?