Kate Upton Learns Touchdown Dance, How To Snap For Super Bowl [Video]

Kate Upton’s Super Bowl performance could almost be said to be better than the Denver Broncos, and we have videos to prove it.

In related reports by The Inquisitr, although Sports Illustrated made Kate Upton’s nude modeling career famous with the body paint series, she’s apparently wanting to move on with her life. Upton has increasingly focused on her acting career, and The Other Woman will feature her next to Cameron Diaz. There was once even a rumor that James Bond 24 could feature Kate as a Bond girl, although so far no one has officially been cast in that role.

The first memories of Super Bowl 48 will unfortunately include the opening snap sailing right over Peyton Manning’s head. Well, Upton teamed up with New York Jets center Nick Mangold to celebrate having the Super Bowl 2014 so close to home. And not only did the supermodel actually catch the ball she did a reasonable job as a QB with her return throw:

Next Kate Upton teamed up with Tracy Morgan, who showed her one of the most important moves in the NFL: “Players catch a football, they score a touchdown and then they do a dance. It’s showing emotion.” (Something that seemed to be missing from Manning’s face for most of tonight’s game.) So Kate proceeded to steal the moves of Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz:

Last night, Upton also had to play a little defense when an overzealous fan tried to break in on Kate while she was using the women’s bathroom. After security had hauled the guy away she reportedly laughed off the whole thing, saying, “A little aggressive isn’t he?”

But what has everyone really talking is the possibility of a Kate Upton, Justin Verlander romance heating up again. The couple reportedly split after six months of dating because their schedules were often conflicting. Well, their calendars and bodies both intertwined since they were spotted on Friday getting very cozy in a corner booth at the 2014 GQ Super Bowl Party in New York City.