Weiner Press Conference Underway, A Wild Breitbart Appears

A scheduled press conference at a New York Sheraton called by Rep. Anthony Weiner is underway, but Andrew Breitbart has taken the stage and continues to speak from the podium.

CNN has not been airing the audio from Breitbart’s hijacking of the conference, and CNN anchors seem to be waiting for a large vaudevillian hook to wrest Breitbart screaming from the stage as he tap dances.

4:14 Breitbart has left the stage, but apparently used the time to tell press he expects an apology and vindication:

People on Twitter as well as press call the moment “surreal.” It is unclear why Breitbart took the stage in the first place. Rep. Weiner has not yet made an appearance, but we will update as news becomes available.

4:23 A New York Times reporter claims Breitbart was asked by reporters to take the stage.

4:25 Weiner takes the stage!

Weiner admits sending picture by DM. He has tearily apologized to sending the image as well as several “inappropriate” conversations over Twitter and Facebook.

4:31 Weiner: “I love my wife very much, and we have no intention of splitting up over this.”

4:33 Weiner says he met most women he flirted with over Facebook, says he “did not see” pictures on Facebook today.

4:35 Weiner says his wife knew about previous relationships but only learned this morning about the “lewd” photo.

4:36 Does not apologize specifically to Breitbart. (Update: Damnit.)

Weiner says he will not rebut or refute any statements from women with whom he has flirted online.


4:39 Drugs, drinking not factors in behavior, says Weiner.

4:43 “I’m going to go back to work, try to convince them this is an… aberration.”

4:46 Communication “almost a frivolous exchange between friends.”

4:48 Ironically, flirtation with initial woman began because of conservative Twitter harassment over her following Weiner on the service.

4:51 “I lied because I was ashamed of what I had done… I didn’t want to get caught.”

4:52 Weiner concludes conference as unidentified reporter screams, “were you fully erect?”