Michigan SUV Crash Kills Four, Another Car Hits A House

A Michigan SUV crash resulted in the deaths of four people and the police are already laying the blame at the feet of the icy weather.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the extreme weather conditions have caused a rare condition called ice rollers to form all over the Midwest. In addition to the polar vortex that affected everyone so greatly, meteorologists have invented a new term “bombogenesis” to describe the type of cold weather the United States is experiencing.

The slippery conditions on an icy roadway 20 miles northwest of Grand Rapids are said to be the cause of the Michigan SUV crash. Six women were in the sport-utility vehicle traveling to work in Kent County and they apparently spun into the path of a pickup truck carrying three men who are paint contractors. The only good news is that an off-duty Grand Rapids police officer and a nurse happened to be nearby and they stopped to help the injured until emergency crews could respond.

Two of the women, driver Perla Magana and passenger Leticia Ceja, were injured but are listed as being in stable condition. All three men from the pickup, whose names are Eric Werkema, Jose Hernandez, and Ross Sterk, were treated for minor injuries. Unfortunately, Erika Ceja, Angelica Magana-Ceja, Teresa Alvarez, and Jessica Magana all died in the car crash.

Sheriff Dean Roesler is assume that ice on the road is what caused the SUV crash:

“There are some slippery spots. The scene of the crash is icy but there’s also been a lot of traffic that’s been through that as well that may have created some of it.”

It’s possible that the ice and snow may have contributed to another Michigan SUV crash that also happened today. A 74-year-old man failed to slow for a stop sign and he lost control while going through the intersection. Police say the 2012 Toyota Highlander skidded off the road and plowed right into the corner of a house, becoming stuck under all the debris. The good news is that this Michigan SUV crash did not result in any deaths or injuries, although the elderly man was issued a ticket.

But these two incidents aren’t the only major car accidents caused by bad weather in recent times. Just this past week a pileup on I-94 was described as “cars flying everywhere” and one man was stuck in his SUV for several hours. Here’s hoping there’s nothing else like these in February…