Pizza Hut Cooks Up A Flower-Shaped Cheese Pizza For The Chinese New Year

Pizza Hut is cooking up something wholly unique to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Since the restaurant loves to put together unique promotions overseas, the company recently created something exclusively for hungry customers who reside in China. To give friends and families something tasty to share during the holiday, Pizza Hut is currently offering a flower-shaped pizza in Hong Kong.

However, this isn’t your parents’ flower-shaped pizza. Instead of simply giving the pie a unique design, the company loaded no less than seven different cheeses on the limited edition menu item. While the array of cheeses would make most people extremely happy for several days, Pizza Hut isn’t stopping there.

The company is giving customers two different versions of the aforementioned pie, though each one features the toppings arranged in a very festive manner. The first offering features pepperoni, pastrami, pineapple, olives, and tomato sauce, while the second caters to those who prefer crayfish, baby scallops, cucumbers, peaches, olives, and lobster sauce.

How much can prospective patrons expect to pay for the company’s tribute to the Chinese New Year? The so-called The Pineapple and Pastrami Pork Cheesy 7 Sensation mouthful Pizza runs around $18 for a regular size pie and $23 for a large.

Those who want to chow down on the Crayfish and Scallop Cheesy 7 Sensation Pizza should have around $19 in their pocket if they want a regular pizza and $24 if they’re in the market for a large. That may sound like a lot of money to spend on a pizza, but you’re getting a ton of toppings and a flower-shaped pie. Come on, people.

Unfortunately, Pizza Hut isn’t giving customers in the US a chance to try out these unique pies. The company’s promotions in the States pale in comparison to those offered overseas.

Instead of intricately-designed pies with unusual toppings and seven different cheeses, customers in the US are getting imperfect crust. In an effort to make their products look a bit more authentic and less cookie-cutter, Pizza Hut decided to give their employees a bit of leeway in the crust creation department.

“What we want to highlight is that these really are handcrafted. We’re encouraging them to make sure they make each pizza one of a kind,” Pizza Hut’s Carrie Walsh explained.

Are you insanely jealous that Pizza Hut is offering up two flower-shaped pies in Hong Kong to celebrate the Chinese New Year? Do you think the company should start putting together more unique promotions in the United States?