Heroin Happy Meal In Pittsburgh Costs $82, Still Comes With Toy

Heroin Happy Meals were being served up at a Pittsburgh McDonald’s. Shantia Dennis, 26, was caught selling the Happy Meals laced with heroin by undercover cops who were responding to a criminal report. Besides the ten stamp bags of heroin in the Happy Meal, police also recovered 50 more bags and some marijuana as well.

According to the CBS Pittsburgh affiliate, customers who were interested in getting the special Happy Meals were instructed to mention in the drive through that they wanted to “order a toy for a boy”. Dennis would then tell the buyer to pull up to the first window, where a Happy Meal with heroin and an actual toy would be waiting for them. Undercover narcotics officers received a SpongeBob SquarePants toy in theirs.

Officers pulled up to the window as instructed and handed Dennis $82. She placed two dollars in the register and stuffed the remaining $80 in her bra. She was arrested on the spot. Dennis is charged with possession, criminal use of a communication facility, prohibited acts of delivery, and possession with intent to deliver.

So far, no connection has been made with a deadly batch of heroin that is taking the lives of users in western Pennsylvania. The deadly heroin is labeled “theraflu” on their stamp bags, just like the over the counter medicine. It is believed that this particular brand of heroin is more potent than the normal amount of toxicity in the narcotic.

The police have not said whether the heroin Happy Meals had any writing on the stamp bags recovered by the undercover agents. Parents and families with young children are certainly concerned that something other than actual toys might show up in their Happy Meals.