George Zimmerman Signs On For Celebrity Boxing, Now Seeking Opponent

George Zimmerman just got through fighting for his freedom, and now the man famous for killing teen Trayvon Martin is ready to step into the ring for a different kind of fight.

Zimmerman said he has signed on for a Celebrity Boxing match, a hobby he’s followed long before the ill-fated night in 2012 where he shot and killed Martin.

“It was my idea,” Zimmerman told Radar Online. “Prior to the incident I was actually going to the gym for weight loss and doing boxing-type training for weight loss and a mutual friend put me in contact with [Celebrity Boxing CEO Damon Feldman] and provided me with an opportunity and motivation to get back in shape and continue with my weight loss goals and also be able to help a charity out.”

The Celebrity Boxing organization has put on fights for other D-list celebrities including Jon Gosselin’s girlfriend Hailey Glassman, Jenny Jen from the Rad Girls, and “Long Island Lolita” Amy Fisher.

Zimmerman refused to disclose what charity the fight would be benefiting, saying he didn’t want to attract any negative attention to it.

“I’d love to tell you [the charity] but unfortunately there’s so much animosity still from people out there, that if I name the charity now they would get bombarded with negativity, so I’d rather not,” he said.

“I’ll leave it up to them to say if they want it to be publicized or not. But I will tell you that it’s an animal rescue.”

While George is still seeking an opponent, he’s already got one taker. Rapper and Compton native The Game said he would like to step into the ring with Zimmerman so he could “beat the f**k out of him.”

“I would not be boxing for me, I’d be boxing for the legacy of Trayvon Martin and for his family,” The Game said.

The George Zimmerman Celebrity Boxing match is scheduled for March 1. His promoter is still seeking an opponent, and is soliciting offers at