Cancer Love Story ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ Debuts Trailer [Video]

Make sure to grab your tissues as the trailer for The Fault in Our Stars has just hit the internet. The film, which is an adaptation of the young adult book by John Green, centers around Hazel (Shailene Woodley) and Augustus (Ansel Algort) as they fall in love in a cancer support group for young teens.

As the story continues we discover that while Augustus is in remission, Hazel is very much still battling the disease. The two strike up a friendship and an immediate attraction as they navigate being teenagers with death looming over their heads.

The film is directed by Stuck in Love director Josh Boone, who was nice enough to give us an exclusive before he started production on The Fault In Our Stars. Back then the production for the film was a few weeks away from filming, and Boone seemed very excited about taking on the challenge of capturing youth in sensitive material.

At the time Boone said:

“I still can’t believe I got it. A company called Temple Hill owned the book and brought it to Fox Searchlight. Fox Searchlight hired the guys that wrote 500 Days of Summer to adapt it, and then they started meeting with directors. I still can’t believe I get to go make it. They just really liked my version of that movie. They liked what I came and said I was going to do with it, so we’re going to start shooting on August 26. The book is just so important to so many people that I want to make sure it’s as truthful as it can be.”

With sensitive material The Fault in Our Stars hasn’t escaped controversy. When the poster for the film was released in December, author John Green wrote an open letter to people who were disturbed by the seemingly offensive tagline. On the poster Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort are in the grass. Underneath the title lies the tagline, “One sick love story.” Of the tagline, Green said,

“I like the tagline. I found it dark and angry in the same way that Hazel is (at least at times) dark and angry in her humor. I mostly wanted something that said, ‘This is hopefully not going to be a gauzy, sentimental love story that romanticizes illness and further spreads the lie that the only reason sick people exist is so that healthy people can learn lessons.”

As for its leads, both Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort will be seen in a completely different world in the blockbuster film Divergent which will hit theaters on March 21. As for The Fault in Our Stars that film is scheduled to come out on June 6, 2014.