Jordan Feldstein: Agent Fights Sharon Osborne At Party, Gets Fired By Sara Bareilles

Jordan Feldstein is out one high-profile client after the agent got into a scuffle with Sharon Osbourne at a pre-Grammy gala this weekend.

The fight took place at Saturday night’s Clive Davis/Recording Academy-sponsored pre-Grammy gala at the Beverly Hilton hotel. Witnesses say Jordan Feldstein was seen arguing with Kelly Osbourne and then continuing the fight with her mother Sharon, who came after Kelly stormed away from her table.

Sources say the fight started when Feldstein made comments about Jack Osbourne and his wife, and escalated when Sharon dumped a plate of food in Jordan’s lap and threw water at his head.

“Sharon walked up to him pointing her finger and screaming,” an eyewitness told The Hollywood Reporter. Another source addd, “You don’t f— with the Osbournes.”

Shortly after the fight, word came out that singer Sara Bareilles had fired Feldstein as her agent. Jordan was not in the audience the next night when Sara attended the Grammy Awards, performing with Carole King but going home empty handed for her album of the year (for “The Blessed Unrest”) and pop solo performance (for “Brave”) nominations.

The fight between Osbourne and Feldstein was reportedly a hot topic of conversation at the event.

It has not been the best few months for Jordan Feldstein. After a surprise wedding to Francesca Eastwood in November, the couple got an annulment just a few days later.

Jordan was also pulled into a Hollywood feud after the celebrity gossip website The Dirty published embarrassing photos of the agent and details from a disgruntled ex-girlfriend. She also accused Feldstein of cheating on her.

Jordan Feldstein, who is the brother of actor Jonah Hill and a childhood friend of Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, still has a stable of big name clients that include Maroon 5.