Jordan Feldstein: Francesca Eastwood’s New Husband Locked In Hollywood Feud

Jordan Feldstein may have gotten married to Clint Eastwood’s daughter Francesca this week, but it’s a brewing feud with a celebrity dirt-slinger that’s getting the headlines.

Reports this week said that Francesca and Jordan were married in Las Vegas in a ceremony that few people seemed to know about. The two had been dating for a few months, though Francesca Eastwood seemed to have marriage on her mind for quite a while.

“I have a tattoo of a circle on the middle finger of my left hand that I’m getting removed,” she told Us Weekly earlier this year. “I hate it because I want to get married one day and I don’t want the tattoo next to my wedding finger.”

Now she got that wedding ring, but she also has a husband locked in a Hollywood feud. Jordan Feldstein, the brother of actor Jonah Hill and CEO of Career Artist Management, came under attack from The Dirty, a site dedicated to spreading often painful reports about celebrities. The site gained notoriety earlier this year when it released details of the newest sexting scandal for then-New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner.

A disgruntled ex-girlfriend decided to spill details of Feldstein, and posted very embarassing pictures of him lying naked on a bed.

The jilted lover wrote:

“Nik, so I met Jordan Feldstein (aka Jonah Hill’s brother & Adam Levine/Robin Thicke’s manager) a couple years ago and he was what I thought a pretty cool guy. He had a great career, he was funny, he liked to take me to nice dinners and totally made me feel like I was the One.

“This guy is probably a 3 on the hot scale and I’m so completely out of his league that all his friends talked sh*t about me because they thought I was only after one thing, money. That couldn’t be farther from the truth but as we all know, with money comes insecurities. We had a long run of ups and downs, and he ALWAYS accused me of talking to other dudes, hooking up with old boyfriends, etc.”

The woman then reveals that Jordan Feldstein was actually the one cheating, and did so over the course of the relationship.

Jonah Hill reportedly saw the story as an attack on his brother, but The Dirty and founder Nik Richie in turn accused Jonah of trying to bribe the site to take down the story.

Richie wrote;

“**Update: Jonah Hill, I DO NOT WANT YOUR MONEY!!! Stop blowing up my phone and acting desperate. You and your Hollywood friends/lawyers mean nothing to me. This post is NOT coming down. End of story. I suggest Adam Levine and Robin Thicke have an intervention with your brother. Take your $500k and donate it to abused women shelters.- nik”

The full report on Jordan Feldstein can be found here, but be warned that the pictures can be graphic.

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