Jennifer Aniston Reportedly Dating Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston's notoriously rocky love life has somewhat unfortunately eclipsed the actress' talents in recent years.

It's probably a bit more of a commentary about our society's rigid expectations for women than anything to do with Aniston that attention given to the actress centers more on her male companions than her films. After a high profile breakup with Brad Pitt, media accounts have framed Aniston as more chronically single than a successful, wealthy woman with an awesome career. Feel bad, America.

If you're one of the people who stays up worrying about Aniston's dating prospects, you'll be pleased to know the actress is almost definitely dating handsome also-famous person Justin Theroux. Reports are quick to indicate that Theroux is closer in age to Aniston than previous beaux, and say the couple are as good as planning a big, rich people wedding:

"They weren't even hiding anymore," [a] photographer said. "She knew we'd spot her together with Justin but she still left with him in the same car. Coming from her, that's as good as a press release announcing she has a new boyfriend!"
As good as a press release! Feel better now?