Super Bowl 2014: Ticket Prices Fall, Temperatures Rise In New Jersey

Super Bowl 2014, the first of its kind to be played outdoors in the Northern part of the US, where it can be bitterly cold this time of year, is on track after all.

In 2014, America has seen one of the coldest winters in recent memory, with sub-zero readings not only in the Northern states, but down into the deep south, even Floridians have had to turn their heat on.

The NFL chose 2014 to play the first outdoor Super Bowl in the cold. We all knew it would be cold, the question was, just how cold.

Super Bowl XLVIII (48) was also expected to be one of the most expensive when it came to ticket prices — which normally run anywhere between $2,500 and $3,000. This time around, they are selling closer to their face value of $1,400.

Several reasons for the steep drop in prices for Super Bowl 2014 are being floated around. First is the cold weather, which many believe is keeping people away.

The weather conditions remain a concern for the NFL, but as the date approaches there are no calls to change or delay the game and the temperature is expected to be a very reasonable 41 degrees Fahrenheit at kick-off, according to

Metlife stadium Super Bowl XLVIII

The league is providing all kinds of goodies to keep those attending Super Bowl 2014 warm, including hand warmers, blankets, hats, and gloves.

The weather really shouldn’t be a problem for the players, some of which have traveled to and played in much colder temperatures than those expected during the game.

The more real problem may be the teams involved. Neither the Denver Broncos nor the Seattle Seahawks have a large national following, like say the Packers or Patriots. One expert says they are not “sexy” enough, so the location is irrelevant.

“The issue with the weather is one thing, but the teams are not drawing.”.

“If this game was in San Diego or Miami, it would still not be a good ticket because the teams are not sexy (…) You don’t have these huge fan bases that you would have if Washington or Dallas or New York or someone else was in it.”

Denver and Seattle true fans will have to travel a large distance to get to the other side of the country to support their team at the Super Bowl 2014.

However, the NFL is not concerned about lower prices, since they have already sold all the tickets at face value.

As to repeating the experience with another outdoor Super Bowl in the cold weather, reactions are mixed and we will have to wait and see how things develop on Sunday.

“I think the other cold-weather cities are very much examining what goes into making Super Bowl a reality,” Jon Tisch — part owner of the NY Giants and member of the organizing committee — told the New York Daily News. “It’s not easy. We’ve got a lot of assets in New York and New Jersey and you have to look at that continually.”

The plan — if all goes well — is to bring back the Super Bowl — the most viewed American sporting event — to the New York/New Jersey area every 10 years.

Will you be cheering on your favorite team during the Super Bowl 2014?