Taylor Swift’s Grammy Performance Gets The ‘Street Fighter’ Treatment [Video]

Taylor Swift definitely left an impression on folks at the 2014 Grammy Awards

During a performance that seemed to channel award-winning singer-songwriter Tori Amos, Swift rocked out to her song “All Too Well” while seated behind a large piano. Although her dedication to the song is certainly admirable, it didn’t resonate on an emotional level with everyone who wanted Sunday evening’s broadcast.

At some point during Taylor Swift’s performance, a very creative individual with an odd sense of humor and some editing software thought the clip could use some video game-inspired enhancements. Enter Ryu from Street Fighter, a character who drops onto her piano to deliver some well-timed blows to Swift’s sweet face.

“I still don’t have what it takes, I must train harder,” Ryu says when he eventually realizes that Taylor’s adorable head cannot be defeated.

The clip is only 28 seconds long, though it’s probably one of the more amusing videos you’ll encounter all week. Assuming, of course, that you’re not obsessed with watching Taylor Swift briefly think she won Album of the Year. That’s a fairly amusing moment in and of itself.

Have a look at Ryu’s assault on Swift’s face below.

It didn’t take the masterminds at Twisted Genre to rack up over two million views on YouTube. While this is presently the only video available on the account, chances are more clips will pop up to capitalize on the Taylor Swift-Ryu mash-up. After all, it is pretty funny.

Taylor Swift is probably wishing she hadn’t attended the 2014 Grammy Awards this year. Not only are folks having a bit of fun with her “All Too Well” performance, the internet is also busy laughing at her reaction to the Album of the Year announcement. For a very brief moment, the singer thought she’d actually won the award.

As it turns out, the honor went to Daft Punk for their hit 2013 album Random Access Memories. Although Taylor Swift’s reaction is certainly memorable, it doesn’t come close to matching the reactions of those seated around her.

Check out the infinitely re-watchable moment below.

Taylor Swift Album of the Year

Daft Punk is no doubt excited about taking home the trophy for Album of the Year at the Grammys. According to USA Today, interest in the duo’s music has increased significantly since the win. Daft Punk’s streams on Spotify have reportedly jumped an impressive 205 percent since Sunday night. That adds up to a lot of new fans.

What did you think about Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well” performance at the 2014 Grammy Awards? Were you amused by the Twisted Genre’s Street Fighter mash-up?