Vin Diesel Beyonce Cover Thanks The Fans, Possibly Announces ‘Riddick 4’ [Video]

This Vin Diesel Beyonce cover will probably change the way you see one of Hollywood’s biggest tough guys even more than the ill-fated film The Pacifier. Of course those of us who have followed the musclebound star of Riddick and the Fast and Furious series on various social media sites know that even though he tends to play the hard roles, Vin Diesel is actually quite the softy.

That showed most after Paul Walker died and the actor went to visit his late costar’s mother to comfort her. Instead of comforting her, he broke down and wept himself as she comforted him, telling him that even though she lost a son, he lost a brother.

On Facebook, Vin has been known to share poetry and shed the tough guy image, showing us all that he’s really nothing like the roles he plays. This video, featuring a strange Vin Diesel Beyonce cover, shows that even more as he starts dancing to the music, smiling, and simply having a good time in front of the camera.

As the video plays, Vin stops and delivers a heartfelt “thank you” to his fans who made Riddick the number one DVD sold as of today. He went on to explain that the movie was made with an extremely low budget, and he acknowledges that without the fans, the movie never would have been made.

Vin Diesel also announced that Riddick 4 has been approved and should be in the works, probably after he’s done with Fast & Furious 7 and Guardians of the Galaxy.

On the subject of F&F7, another tidbit we grabbed from the Vin Diesel Beyonce cover video is that he missed the Grammys last night because he had begun working on the film with Universal. This means that production may have begun as of last night, and we might be seeing regular updates on the film as it progresses in spite of one of its stars no longer being among us. Thankfully Justin Bieber isn’t involved.

'Fast & Furious 7' in production as 'Riddick 4' has been approved
'Fast & Furious 7' in production as 'Riddick 4' has been approved

The rest of the video has him backing away from the camera and doing a bit of a dance, and even singing along with Beyonce in a falsetto. This is definitely the Vin Diesel we don’t see on the big screen.

It may have been a silly video overall, but Vin Diesel may have given us some clues about what’s going on with two movies. Fast & Furious 7 may now be in production once again, and Riddick 4 may be on its way. Check out the Vin Diesel Beyonce cover video, because as weird as it is, it shows he knows how to entertain.