Greta Van Susteren Calls Fox Colleague Erickson A ‘Creep And A Jerk’, Why?

Greta van Susteren can be quite confrontational when she chooses, and now she has decided not to hold back her views about Fox News colleague, Erick Erickson.

Greta wrote in her blog, “Don’t expect me to police everything that is said by everybody… but I will from time to time speak up.”

And she has chosen Erickson as the focus of her anger, calling him “boorish” and a “jerk.”

What brought this about was Erickson’s tweeted comments about Wendy Davis, who he has previously referred to as “abortion Barbie.”

Erickson has used that nickname, “abortion Barbie,” a lot, and actually wrote an article in which he defended his use of the term. He wrote in Red State: “Abortion Barbie fits perfectly and I hope that moniker haunts her on the campaign trail… She is, after all, intent on building a national name for herself through abortion and pink shoes.”

In August of last year, Amy Davidson – who is best known for playing Kerry Hennessy in the ABC sitcom 8 Simple Rules – said that “the subject of abortion rights, and the way that women act as if their life and health depend on it, is a rich mine for humor,”

It seems that what finally got to Greta Van Susteren were the tweets.

Greta wrote that Erickson’s jokes undermine whatever point there is behind his opposition to her political views:

There are the creeps who take cheap shots because they are too ignorant and small to engage in an important discussion. The best they can do is make themselves look really bad.

I don’t care how much you disagree or agree with Texas’ Wendy Davis, you have to agree that this guy, Erick Erickson, is a real jerk and is really lousy at being a spokesperson for his views.

This is not the first time that Greta has criticized Erickson’s remarks.

One time, when Erickson was on an all-male Fox News panel sounding off about women actually being able to earn a living, Greta wrote the following headline:

“Have these men lost their minds? (and these are my colleagues??!! oh brother… maybe I need to have a little chat with them) (next thing they will have a segment to discuss eliminating women’s right to vote?)”

Despite van Susteren having a large following, Erickson was somewhat dismissive of her viewpoint, and showed his contempt in yet another tweet:

Where Greta van Susteren takes this now will be watched with interest.