Marlboro To Introduce Marijuana Cigarettes in 2015: Hoax Goes Viral

Marlboro has been making a number of headlines over the past week.However, all of the media isn’t directly related to the company’s cigarette brand. It has also been reported that the Philip Morris USA subsidiary will be introducing a new product – marijuana.

According to Abril Uno, the company plans to introduce a new marijuana cigarette. It was also rumored that the new product, which is to be marketed under the Marlboro M brand, would be introduced in the Washington and Colorado sales markets.

The availability will be based on the legalization laws in the two states.

(Screenshot of the Abril Uno site)

The site even reported an alleged quote by Philip Morris USA Vice President of Marketing, Serafin Norcik.

The site said, “Serafin Norcik, Phillip Morris’ Sr. Vice President for Marketing said in an interview that the company has been high on the idea of marketing cannabis, and has been monitoring the market for some time. It was only when the recent legalization initiatives — winning in Colorado and Washington — that they finally made the decision to take a leap of faith.”

“Norcik added that they have begun contacting former drug lords in Mexico and Paraguay, currently the largest marijuana-producing countries in the world, for the possibility of setting up a distribution ring across the North and South American continents, to streamline the supply lines.”


The report also claims that Norcik gave a timeline for the release of the new cigarette declaring that it would be available as early as January of 2015, with Marlboro acquiring a vast amount of airtime for Super Bowl XLIX.

However, all of the claims are completely FALSE. Although the article has received 1.3M Facebook likes since it was published on Jan. 21, none of the claims have been proven to be truth. There’s no such product that will be available.

But, there’s one particular detail gives the site away. Abril Uno actually translates April 1, widely known as April Fools Day! The site also misspelled ‘Philip’! The site is known for publishing comical material just for the sake of a good laugh!