Fetal Abduction Trial Begins For Woman Who Cut Baby From Pregnant Friend’s Womb

A Massachusetts fetal abduction trial has begun. Julie Corey is accused of attacking her pregnant friend, removing the fetus from her womb, and attempting to raise the child as her own. Although the bizarre assault happened five years ago, the trial was postponed multiple times.

Julie Corey’s deception began months before the actual crime. In October 2009, she and her boyfriend Alex Dion ended a romantic relationship. However, following the breakup Corey told Dion she was pregnant with his child.

Although the former couple remained separated, Corey continued to update Dion about the progress of her pregnancy. On July 23 she called him several times, explaining that her water broke and she was going into labor. The following day she told him she gave birth to a baby girl.

Dion said he believed the baby was his and was proud to be a father. However, within weeks he and Corey were both arrested. While in custody, Dion learned that his former girlfriend did not give birtht and she was being charged with murder. Although he was eventually released and cleared of involvement, he had a hard time understanding what happened:

“I am so confused. I don’t know what to think. I thought I had a brand-new daughter.”

Authorities discovered the body 23-year-old Darlene Haynes inside her apartment closet. A medical examiner determined the pregnant woman was alive while she was cut open and her fetus was forcibly removed from her womb. She also suffered blunt force trauma to the head.

As the fetal abduction case gained national attention, authorities received several tips about Hayne’s former friend and neighbor Julie Corey. The suspect’s friends and family said she presented a newborn child as her own, but her story did not make sense.

Fetus Abduction

Corey said she was in labor for around 20 minutes and was released from the hospital within hours. The infant’s umbilical cord appeared to be haphazardly cut and fastened with a piece of ribbon, as opposed to the traditional clamp used by hospitals. Several friends also report that Corey claimed she was breast-feeding while she obviously concealed a bottle under the blanket.

As reported by Fox News, Corey admits she has possession of Hayes’ child. However, she denies involvement in her murder. Attorney Michael C. Wilcox said police have no conclusive evidence that his client is responsible for Haynes’ death. Wilcox also said authorities were wrong to dismiss Dion’s involvement.

Prosecutors believe Corey was pregnant in early 2009 but suffered a miscarriage. They said she simply refused to acknowledge she lost her baby and continued to pretend she was pregnant.

As the fetal abduction trial continues, prosecutors will be tasked with proving Julie Corey intentionally killed Haynes to steal her unborn child. The child, who is now four years old, is currently in the custody of her biological father.

[Image via Wikimedia]