Dave Batista Wins Royal Rumble 2014, Jokes About Vince McMahon

Dave Batista has won Royal Rumble 2014, and he’s already making some jokes about of both Vince McMahon and Sheamus.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, not everyone was enthusiastic about Batista’s WWE return, with some calling it a “mistake” by a “metrosexual fashioninsta.” Still, his return was quite an entrance with the animal declaring war on Randy Orton for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt. This issue will probably be decided at WrestleMania 30 since Orton managed to retain his belt after winning over John Cena due to the help of the Wyatt Family.

It seems likely that Royal Rumble 2014 was likely decided due to the fact that Dave Batista was 28 out of 30 to enter the ring. Most of the winners tend to come in near the end, and in this case, history repeated itself. The last three men standing in the ring were Batista, Reigns, and Sheamus. Although Reigns set a new record for 12 eliminations in a Royal Rumble after he took out Sheamus, he was left facing the animal, who was fairly fresh to the fight at this point.

Still, it’s not like Batista doesn’t remember suffering some damage as this tweet about Sheamus reveals:

“By the way if anyone finds my head please return. I believe @WWESheamus kicked it into the front row somewhere.”

He also decided to take a dig at Vince McMahon by referencing how the WWE head injured himself while entering the ring during Dave Batista VS John Cena at the 2005 Royal Rumble:

“Awesome night! And @VinceMcMahon walked away from my Royal Rumble win healthy and happy.. Love me or hate me thanks to everyone who watched.”

Of course, he also made the same joke before the 2014 Royal Rumble even began:

Then again… it was pretty funny:

What do you think about Dave Batista winning Royal Rumble 2014? Do you think he should be headlining WrestleMania 30?