Liam Payne Reveals One Direction’s New Single, Twitter Is Obviously Excited [Video]

Liam Payne recently revealed the next single from One Direction’s latest album.

If you and your buddies around the office put money on which song the popular group would release next, then here’s hoping you put all of your hard-earned cash on “Midnight Memories.” The tune is officially the next single off their most recent batch of songs, which also happens to carry the title Midnight Memories.

The announcement arrived courtesy of One Direction singer Niall Horan, who revealed on Twitter that Liam Payne had some very exciting news for fans of the band. The tweet included a link to a YouTube video of Payne discussing the new single.

Here’s the Liam Payne video in case you missed it.

If you’re unable to watch that video at the moment, then here’s what Liam Payne had to say about the new single. In short: “Midnight Memories” is about — you guessed it — midnight memories. Judging from some behind-the-scenes pics, they’re very curious memories.

The singer said:

“‘Midnight Memories’ is going to be our new single, which is actually one of the songs I wrote with Louis. It’s all about the midnight memories, everyone’s got them. I hope you enjoy it.”

Not surprisingly, One Direction fans around the globe could barely contain themselves once Liam Payne’s announcement started making the rounds online. Horan’s post was retweeted over 70,000 times within the span of just a few days. In fact, some fans are already planning their very own cover of the tune.

YES!!! my cover is to "midnight memories" by @onedirection! im uploading it Feb 1st to kick off my collab month! RT IF YOU'RE EXCITED!! :D

— Ricky Dillon (@RickyPDillon) January 25, 2014

Check out some fan reactions to Liam Payne’s video below.

Midnight Memories video premieres Friday January 31st. Directioners be like…

— – (@hotstuffboyband) January 26, 2014

Some fans seemed concerned about what kind of midnight memories the guys are recalling.

How many times did you watch the Liam Payne “Midnight Memories” announcement video? Are you planning to watch the official music video countless times when it’s finally released?

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