Nightclub Death: Kim Pham Threw The First Punch?

The nightclub death video of Kim Pham has led to arrests, but now some witnesses are claiming the victim threw the first punch that instigated the fight.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, some reports claim Kim Pham’s death was all due to a photobomb, while some witnesses claim it was one person bumping into Mrs. Pham. Police were originally looking for three Hispanic women and two Hispanic men, but now officials believe it was only four women involved in the physical violence. But some witnesses claim it was an all-out melee involving more than just the five people originally suspected.

The social media star reportedly messed up the kodak moment of Vanesa Zavala and her girlfriends, which started a verbal argument and ended in the California nightclub death. While Zavala has been arrested, and is being held on a $1 million bond, she claims she’s not guilty. Zavala’s lawyer, Kenneth Reed, claims his client was knocked down during the fight and says she wasn’t expecting to be arrested, pointing out how police took her in to jail in her pajamas:

“Your day is fine, your life is fine, you have a 5-year-old son, you go out one night on a Friday with your boyfriend and then your life is turned upside down and you find out someone is killed. No matter what the situation is, you’re going to be devastated.”

Defense attorney Michael Molfetta says he’s representing one of the unnamed women being sought by police and he even goes so far as to claim Kim Pham threw the first punch:

“My understanding is that Pham threw the first punch, which landed on the face of Vanesa Zavala. From there the thing escalated very quickly, very violently, and there were a number of people in line with Ms. Pham that attacked the people that Ms. Zavala was with.”

Even though the lawyer Molfetta does not represent Zavala, he also has defended her verbally:

“Nationally, Ms. Zavala has been vilified and the poor lady that died has basically become a saint. I’m sure she was a lovely woman and had a great future ahead of her, but Ms. Zavala is a good woman, too.”

One of witnesses, who is only identified as “Jason,” claims he is not personally associated with any of the two groups involved in the nightclub death and watched from afar. He claims Pham did indeed start the fight but was eventually knocked to the ground while fighting another woman. A third unknown woman allegedly entered the fight and kicked Pham in the head:

“One kick and she was out cold. No one touched her after that.”

Police are currently looking for the third person who has not yet been identified. Because of the witnesses claiming she was a principle in causing the nightclub death she’s been named as a “person of interest.”

What do you think about the nightclub death now that witnesses are claiming Kim Pham threw the first punch?