Wendy Davis: Will Wheelchair Jokes Derail Her Campaign?

Wendy Davis supporters were caught by Project Veritas mocking Greg Abbott’s wheelchair.. James O’Keefe’s undercover journalists released the video on Thursday. Davis, a Democrat, is running against Davis for Rick Perry’s soon to be vacated governor’s seat in Texas. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Davis found herself in hot water over “embellishing” her humble beginnings to Harvard Law School story.

The Project Veritas Wendy Davis undercover footage revealed a group of her campaign volunteers saying things like:

“I’m really wondering how this is going to work out, since he’s in a wheelchair and most of our slogans are ‘Stand with Wendy.”

The rude and insensitive statement was followed by a plethora of laughter. Another Davis supporter mocked Abbott’s physical appearance, saying that he was not good looking – and he is in a wheelchair. The Democrat in James O’Keefe’s video identified as a Deputy Registrar covered her ears and said, “people do that all the time,” when asked about the forging of signatures on absentee ballots. Another Battleground Texas volunteer added, “I don’t think it’s legal [signature forging] but I didn’t hear you say that.” The Austin NxNW Democrats Club members also made negative comments about Abbott’s ability to speak well.

After Wendy Davis was subjected to backlash about her single mom story and other “factual gaps” in her background, she said Greg Abbott “hasn’t walked a day in my shoes,” – the man is a paraplegic. During an interview with the Texas Tribune Wendy Davis referred to the wheelchair bashing statements and other comments made by supporters “abhorrent.” The chastising of the volunteers may be too little too late to save the Democrat’s reputation with Lone Star State voters. Greg Abbott has persevered through great personal challenge to raise a family, have a productive career and for that he deserves our respect,” the gubernatorial hopeful concluded.

Greg Abbott had this to say about the Battleground Texas Project Veritas undercover video:

“[The] content of the video denigrating the disabled is unworthy of our great state. Despite the distraction, I will continue my efforts to help all Texans rise in life and achieve their dreams. I will be a governor who fights for all Texans – for children, small business owners, families, and entrepreneurs – a Texas that includes all.”

It is not known if the Battleground Texas folks realized they were being recorded by Project Veritas. Wendy Davis’ Communications Director Bo Delp deemed the taping just another one of James O’Keefe’s “trademark deceptive videos. “O’Keefe is trying to create the impression that Wendy Davis attended this meeting and condones the language in the video.”

How do you feel about Wendy Davis’ factual lapses when sharing her personal story and the wheelchair comments by Texas Democrats?