Farting Deer Video Proves That Poop Humor Is Timeless

A farting deer video making the rounds on the internet this week proves the point that poop jokes never go out of style.

The video, which shows an antlerless deer contracting its body to release a giant fart, actually made its first appearance on the internet back in 2011. But this week the farting deer video came roaring back, showing up on the link-sharing site Reddit and getting picked up by a number of other blogs as well.

The farting deer video had some “enhanced” audio, giving it a more lively sound, but it’s clear what the deer was trying to accomplish.

And believe it or not, this isn’t even the only video of a farting deer floating around the internet. Another, slightly less viral video of an eight-point buck unleashing a monster fart has also gained popularity.

This one didn’t even need enhanced audio to make it funny, though the two giggling commentators do add a little extra to the video.

Some experts think viral animal videos like the farting deer may actually be doing more harm than good. After a video of a slow loris being tickled showed up in 2009, a researcher was prompted to study the impact of viral videos on the illegal animal trade. They studied the slow loris video and the remarks people left in the comments section, concluding that cute animal videos could actually be a very bad thing for endangered species.

A study of the video found that about 25 percent of viewers said they wanted an endangered slow loris as a pet, though over time and with more comments that percentage fell to 11 percent.

“The slow loris video should have been taken down a long time ago because it’s illegal,” the researcher told Live Science.

However, it’s unclear just how applicable the study may be to the farting deer video. While a slow loris may be adorable, a flatulent deer isn’t exactly an ideal pet.