Michelle Obama Featured In Subway Advertisements

Tara Dodrill

Michelle Obama will become a "fixture" at Subway. The First Lady and the fast food chain are embarking on a partnership of sorts. Obama will share her Let's Move Campaign message about healthy eating and reportedly focus in particular on children's menu food options.

The Subway Michelle Obama campaign will highlight the healthy food items the chain offers to children in an effort to encourage wise eating choices when dining away from home. The menu changes noted in the Let's Move Campaign promotion at the restaurant include the addition of milk and water to the kid's menu beverage options instead of only soda pop. Parents can also opt for a side of apple slices instead of potato chips.

Exact details about the First Lady's Let's Move Campaign rollout are unknown. The taxpayers are funding the $41 million approved to advertise Michelle Obama's healthy eating initiative. Some critics of the campaign have raised concerns about the potential ethical issues of President Barack Obama's wife appearing to endorse a particular fast food chain.

Michelle Obama had this to say about the Subway promotion:

"I'm excited about these initiatives not just as a First Lady, but also as a mom. Subway's kids' menu makes life easier for parents, because they know that no matter what their kids order, it's going to be a healthy choice."

Subway Chief Marketing Officer Tony Pace called the partnership with Michelle Obama's Let's Move Campaign a "natural extension" of what the company already does. Pace went on to point out that the fast food chain offers a full line of vegetable and lean meat sandwiches that carry the stamp of approval from the American Heart Association. The Subway breakfast menu boasts three sandwiches which contain less than 200 calories.

During a "summit on food" hosted at the White House by the First Lady last year, restaurant chains, beverage makers, and the entertainment industry were urged to do more to promote healthy food to children. Subway may be taking a big risk by making Michelle Obama's face and voice a fixture in their establishments. While the First Lady's healthy eating advice provides a positive message, those who oppose her husband's policies and do not want their subs to come with a side of politics may start buying their apple slices elsewhere. My family enjoyed a healthy meal from Subway last night, but I think it will be our last one.

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