Sex on Fire: Woman sets fire to house by lighting husband's ....(NSF squeamish men)

A 44 year old woman from Adelaide, Australia is in custody after the fire brigade was forced to attend her house which caught fire. The source of the fire was her husbands genitals, which she allegedly set alight with methylated spirits whilst he slept. See we told you this story wasn't safe for squeamish men.

The fire left her husband, Satish Narayan with burns to 85% of his body. Mr Narayan was believed to have knocked over the bottle of methylated spirits as he jumped out of bed, which is what sparked the major house blaze.

Mrs Narayan is charged with causing aggravated harm with intent, arson and three counts of acts to endanger life.

She must have been very angry, allegedly of course.

Setting your boyfriend's penis on fire seems to be gaining in popularity as this latest case follows that of Andree Rene in 2001 who used fondue fuel and the Russian ex-wife who set her former husband's penis on fire out of frustration whilst he was watching TV naked. Or there was this guy, but he doesn't really count becuse he "volunteered to have his penis set ablaze".

So there you go gents, if your wife or significant other starts keeping a bottle of methylated spirits on the night stand, you might want to invest in some protection. Maybe that's what the band Kings of Leon were singing about with their song Sex on Fire.