IRS Accused Of Targeting Hollywood Conservatives

The IRS has been accused of targeting Hollywood conservatives. The Tea Party and patriot groups targeting scandal by the Internal Revenue Service has barely subsided and the federal tax agency is making headlines again. Gary Sinise, Jon Voight Kelsey Grammer and other notable entertainers are Friends of Abe members. The group has reportedly faced extreme scrutiny and non-typical review requests while attempting to garner non-profit status.

The tax exempt status request for the Friends of Abe group by Gary Sinise and his pals will remain pending until private information about members is revealed to the IRS. A New York Times report on the group formed by the Hollywood conservatives indicates that the IRS requested information about meetings the renowned actors had with Paul Ryan, former presidential hopeful Herman Cain and Michigan Representative Thaddeus McCotter.

The Friends of Abe (Abraham Lincoln) group has reportedly been investigated by the IRS for the past two years. The federal tax agency was granted access to the group’s security protected website which contained the names of members. The group has flown under the radar since it was created a decade ago. Cameras have reportedly been banned at events to prevent the publication of photos of members.

Pat Boone had this to say about the Friends of Abe group during an interview with The Washington Times:

“It’s a growing movement, and word is getting out that there’s many of us in the business. If certain studio execs – hirers and firers – learn that this is a movement and growing, and that some of these people that they fire are of this inclination these people could be unemployed.”

Ron Howard’s conservative actor brother Clint Howard told Newsmax that actors with his political leanings remain “outcasts” in Hollywood and have “trepidations that their views is an industry which is primarily comprised of liberals, will cause their careers to tank. “For years, conservative-minded pole have been kind of subjected to a lot of I wouldn’t say bullying no it’s not bullying. Conservative minded people have been subjected to a very liberal work place and it has been frustrating,” Howard said.

The Friends of Abe group name is a take off the Friends of Bill group which was comprised of folks supportive of former President Bill Clinton. Gary Sinise was reportedly the first leader of Friends of Abe, but ultimately stepped back from the organizational role. Jeremy Boreing the current executive director noted that the group does not have a political agenda but serves as a place where like-minded people can create a fellowship.

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