Octomom’s Doctor to Have Medical License Revoked, State Board Rules

Dr. Michael Kamrava has become notorious in the field of fertility medicine for his imprudent transfer of twelve embryos to the woman who would later become internationally famous as “Octomom.”

Nadya Suleman gave birth to octuplets in January of 2009, earning her the moniker, and it was later revealed that the baby-obsessed single mom had a total of 14 children. Suleman’s case, along with two other questionable decisions made under Dr. Kamrava’s care, led to the ruling by the Medical Board of California.

In the ruling, the board opined:

“Public protection is paramount,” the board said. “The board is not assured that oversight through probation is enough, and having weighed the above, has determined that revocation of respondent’s certificate is necessary to protect the public.”

Octodoc’s lawyer made several arguments in the fertility doc’s defense, but the board rejected them, saying:


“To assign even a scintilla of responsibility to a patient who becomes pregnant and then elects not to follow through with a procedure that may jeopardize her (and possibly her family’s) prized objective is troubling and telling,” the board said.

At a hearing last month, Dr. Kamrava’s lawyer Henry Fenton argued:

“Nobody died here. This is a good doctor. I argue he really learned his lesson.”

The suspension goes into effect on July 1st.