The Detroit Pistons sale approved, now what?

The Detroit Pistons sale to Tom Gores has finally been approved, but Piston fans and Detroit fans in general wonder what is next for this franchise. In a way their current state feels a lot lower than the post Bad Boy era when the team had to draft Grant Hill to become relevant again. This is a team with a multitude of problems the least of which was no direction for the ownership. Now Gores must step in and right the ship.

The very first thing he should do is fire head coach John Kuester. Sure Kuester never got any support from the previous ownership or management for that matter, but the players will not play for him and that means he has to go. The very next thing the Pistons must do is rid themselves of locker room cancer Rip Hamilton. Rip has got to go by any means necessary, and then the management can set upon rebuilding this once great franchise.

Beyond the roster, coaches, and management this team has another problem. They are stale, they are boring and the time has come to jazz up the logo and the color scheme. I am not talking about a big shift like the dreaded teal and burgundy days, but a younger, hipper approach to the classic red, white and blue, Piston logo.

Seriously look at that logo. As a lifelong Detroit sports fan I can honestly say it is the most boring logo of the four major Detroit Sports teams. I am not a graphic artist, so I don’t now what it needs to be, I just now it needs to be jazzed up a bit. This team needs to get its fan base excited and a new logo is the best, quickest way to do just that.