Justin Bieber Arrested In Miami For Drag Racing, DUI: Superstar Busted

Justin Bieber has been arrested in Miami, Florida, for drag racing, and was also reportedly booked by traffic police for driving under the influence and failing a sobriety test.

The 19-year-old superstar was picked up early Thursday morning and is now in custody where he is reportedly being put through tests for alcohol use or other substances, the New York Daily News reports.

According to TMZ, the teen star will be taken to jail, booked properly, processed, and bail will be set.

On Wednesday, the teen heartthrob was snapped riding Segways in Miami with his father Jeremy before skateboarding in rapper Lil Wayne’s skate park where he also spray-painted graffiti and shot hoops with friends.

Justin has been in Miami since Monday, and reportedly dropped $75.000 at the King of Diamonds urban strip joint after partying at the Mansion nightclub to celebrate rapper Lil Scrappy’s 30th birthday.

Precise details of the “Baby” singer’s arrest are still developing.

E! News recently reported the Canadian’s camp want him to check into rehab for treatment for an alleged drug addiction to the street cocktail “Sizzurp” – a codeine-and promethazin-based cough syrup that users mix with fizzy drinks and candy that is also referred to as “lean,” “purple drank,” and other aliases.

Reportedly, Justin has – so far – refused to go into rehab. That may change from this point.

The star’s Calabasas, California, home was recently raided by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies in search of evidence that might connect him to the egging of his neighbor’s house on January 9.

Bieber is a suspect in an ongoing felony vandalism and assault investigation.

During the raid, Justin’s pal Xavier “Lil Za” Smith, was arrested for felony drug possession of suspected MDMA (a form of Ecstasy), and Xanax. The 20-year-old was later also booked for felony vandalism while at the jail he was taken to.

Bieber was “not connected” to that drugs bust according to police, but he is riding a wave of months of controversies and bizarre incidents that – for many – will mean this day was inevitable.

We will update on the arrest as more details emerge.

Justin Bieber

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