George Zimmerman Painting Blasts Angela Corey For Hating Free Press

George Zimmerman’s painting blasts Florida prosecutor Angela Corey for allegedly hating the free press.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, when MLK Jr. day came close some reports on Trayvon Martin got nasty, with some claiming Zimmerman was a victim of a “knockout game king.” But Trayvon Martin’s mother wants her son to be remembered as as a symbol for ending racism and racial profiling.

To give you an idea how potentially popular this new work of art might be, the first George Zimmerman painting went on auction and had bids exceeding $100,000, which should help him pay off some of his high levels of debt. He’s also become very active on Twitter and has been answering many questions from the curious. For example, one politically charged statement he’s made is an accusation that people are hating a nonexistent entity:

“I just remember they don’t hate me because they don’t know me. They hate the GZ character the media made up to make money.”

As such, the newest George Zimmerman painting called Angie seeks to spread the message that the Florida state attorney Angela Corey doesn’t have “much respect for the American judicial system.” To give evidence for this statement he’s been highlighting a recent article from the Washington Post where Corey point blank admitted she doesn’t “read any newspapers” and relies entirely on her “people” to tell her what she needs to know.

What’s more stunning is that Corey says the “public doesn’t need to know anything about a case before it goes to trial” and that the media shouldn’t be allowed to report on high-profile murder cases at all. She also admits that her office is “fighting every day to keep the media out of their cases.”

While it’s true the media can sensationalize a case, and even spread false information that could contaminate the jury’s opinions, it’s also a watchdog against the abuse of power by any government office, whether large or small. The George Zimmerman trial is actually an example of such abuse because Corey threatened to sue Harvard University and an employee named Alan Dershowitz who publicly critiqued her indictment in the case.

But there’s even a worse example. During the trial, a whistleblower named Ben Kruidbos revealed Trayvon Martin’s phone records about selling guns and dealing marijuana, both of which were potentially illegal activities. But apparently Angela Corey’s office stripped this information out, only sending about a third of the data to George Zimmerman’s lawyers. So Kruidbos went behind Corey’s back and gave the documents to the defense team without the State Attorney’s office approval. For this, Kruidbos was fired and called “abhorrent,” “untrustworthy,” and “unscrupulous” by Corey.

What do you think about the message behind George Zimmerman’s painting?