MetLife Stadium Snow Removal Could Delay Super Bowl 2014?

Could the MetLife Stadium snow removal delay Super Bowl 48?

In a related story by The Inquisitr, Super Bowl tickets prices have been going through the roof on the exchanges, exceeding even the official Super Bowl 2014 price for the expensive seats. But, hey, at least this time around they can afford the electric bill…

The increasingly cold weather, which has the interesting name bombogenesis, left MetLife Stadium buried in snow this week. So far weather forecasts predict temperatures will reach 40 degrees with a low of 25 degrees and a possibility of snow showers. While that’s not exactly Ice Bowl 3, or even close to the record for the coldest NFL game, there is the real possibility the weather could play tricks on Super Bowl 2014 and dump an unexpected amount of ice and snow into the open air MetLife Stadium.

To give you an idea on how fast the MetLife Stadium snow removal can happen, an army of 1,300 workers descended upon the 14 inches of snow and had it mostly cleared within four hours. But to get everything including the parking lots and nearby streets will have an 18 hour max. Still, NFL executive vice president Eric Grubman claims Seahawks and Broncos fans may have to contend with snow in their seats:

“Games are played with snow all the time. It’s not just MetLife Stadium. I think the crowd will be an exceptional crowd and they will enjoy the game. I don’t think they will be fazed by a little bit of snow on their seats, if that’s what comes to pass. We aim to not have that happen, but if it happens, it’s sort of what happens in NFL stadiums all the time.”

In the worst case scenario, if the state of New Jersey decides there are safety issues we could see Super Bowl 2014 postponed to Monday or Tuesday night. There’s also the possibility of shifting to Friday or Saturday in order to avoid the storms. Assuming the weather is just a little bad, NFL officials may reschedule the start of the Sunday game either backward or forward.

Unfortunately, Super Bowl ticket holders probably won’t know until practically the last minute and may have to make last minute flight and hotel plans. And it’s not like this hasn’t happened before. Back in December of 2010 a Vikings/Eagles game was shifted from Sunday to Tuesday, but as far as this writer is aware weather has never caused a Super Bowl delay.

Do you think Super Bowl 2014 should be delayed if the weather is bad or should fans just tough it up and hope the MetLife Stadium snow removal team can keep up? (Or maybe we should rely on Richard Sherman’s blazing hot mouth to keep us warm.)

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