Twin Toilets Photo… Is The Sochi Olympics Expecting The Man With Two Penises?

The twin toilets photo from the Sochi Olympics has some people scratching their heads, wondering what in the great wash closet were they thinking.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a man with two penises posted a photo on Reddit to prove they were functional. The condition known as diphallia, or double penis, apparently affects about one in every six million American boys but typically the parents have the doctors remove one of the two at an early age. The man is apparently considered very lucky since he’s packing a pair that’s fully functional in all ways and also escaped the congenital abnormalities usually accompanied by having two penises.

So when people attending the Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia starting sending back the twin toilets photos many Americans were fairly flabbergasted. I mean… what exactly are they for? No, they’re not designed for the man with two penises to relieve himself at his leisure, although that’d be a weirder photo than most. Nor are they designed for some “tandem” Olympics event, although some Russian joksters photoshopped President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev sitting together on the twin toilets. There’s also a joke going around that the open toilets are there for security reasons, although that’s not too funny with the black widow suicide bombers running around.

As it turns out it’s just culture shock. Communal toilets with no screens or dividers are apparently common in Russian soccer stadiums. American visitors to Europe are often surprised when they stumble into the WC only to be confronted with the fanciest hole in the ground they’ve ever seen, complete with marble tile. In fact, the twins are just the start since there are actually triple toilets photos floating out there in the wild. Still, it’s just weird to see these twin toilets photos knowing that they spent $50 billion preparing for the Olympics.

Sochi Toilets