Abigail Breslin Felt Like She Was In ‘Acting School’ With Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep

Abigail Breslin may be just 17 years old but she has had the Hollywood experience of a lifetime. Most recently the young star worked with veteran actresses Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts in the film August: Osage County.

She spoke to reporters about how honored she felt to work with such iconic Hollywood giants as Roberts and Streep and took full advantage of what she called being in “acting school”:

It was more (about) seeing how they were on set and watching them act, that was a big lesson. I felt like I was at an acting school for three months because I learnt so much just from watching them.

She went on to speak about how at ease she felt working with Roberts and Streep and especially how comfortable she feels with Julia Roberts: “Julia is so sweet. I don’t ever feel like I can’t go to her with something,” she said.

Following her appearance at the SAG 2014 Awards, Abigail Breslin spoke about how awkward she feels at big glam functions. “I always feel like the person who got invited as the plus-one. I’m always terrified,” she said.

Breslin has taken a big step away from her previous image as an innocent household face. In her new movie she plays a troubled teenager who smokes marijuana and is wanted sexually by an older man.

Abigail Breslin told E! News back in November that as she’s almost 18 she’s all grown up now.

“I think people see my work and see what I do and see that I’m grown up. But yeah, I’m almost 18. Every headline for the past three years has been ‘Abigail Breslin All Grown Up,’ so I am kind of growing up. I do want to try different things but its all for fun,” she said.

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