Kristen Saban ‘Beat The Devil’ Out Of Sarah Grimes Claims Lawsuit

The Kristen Saban, Sarah Grimes fight from several years ago has come to head, with the fate of Nick Saban’s daughter being decided in court. Crazily enough, the entire fight was started because Kristen failed to invite her friend to a workout and a movie premiere about Nick Saban.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Sarah Grimes claims the beating she was given worsened the injuries from a car crash in 2005, but Kristen denies anything she did would caused a need for nasal surgery or an increase in migraines.

Both of the girls are former Phi Mu sorority members who used to be friends. While the two were drunk from a night of drinking, the fight began after Saban posted something Grimes didn’t like on Facebook. Grimes is described as the aggressor since she tracked down Saban to confront her. But that’s when the two accounts begin disagreeing because Saban says she merely pushed Grimes out of arm’s reach while Grimes claimed she was slammed back against the open door, knocking her head against the wooden wall. From there the fight just got nastier.

Even though the alleged catfight took place in August of 2010, the lawsuit has been slowly dragging its way through court. The civil suit describes Sarah Grimes‘ injuries as including an “elbow contusion, a concussion, cervical strain, and headache.” The lawyers for Grimes claims that Kristen punched the sorority sister “like Boom Boom Mancini” and must be forced to pay a cash settlement:

“My client had a broken nose and had to get surgery, and they call that a catfight. She had the devil beat out of her.”

But Saban’s attorneys claim the witnesses’ sworn affidavits prove Grimes’ lawsuit is based upon falsehoods or at least exaggerations:

“There is no question that [Saban] did not assault the plaintiff. What you’re left with is this: You’ve got a drunk assaulter who gets in a fight, loses the fight and sues, and she didn’t sue just anybody.”

Circuit Judge James Roberts Jr. is apparently trying to decide whether to dismiss the case entirely. But Grimes’ lawyers argue that the jury should be left to decide whether Saban started the fight and whether or not she used excessive force in allegedly defending herself.

What do you think about the Kristen Saban, Sarah Grimes lawsuit?