‘Full House’ Reunion Is Happening At The Super Bowl [Video]

Remember when there were rumors about the Full House cast reuniting for a spin-off series centered around the grown up Tanner girls? Well, that’s still not happening, and remains as a pretty horrible April Fool’s joke, but that doesn’t mean the Full House cast aren’t reuniting in some fashion. In fact, key cast members, including Jesse Katsopolis (John Stamos), Joey Gladstone (Dave Coulier) and Danny Tanner (Bob Saget) are all signed up for a mini reunion at a huge event.

The reunion is said to actually take place during the Super Bowl in the form of a Dannon commercial. Possibly the best bromance in all history of 90s television, the Full House men are seen in a new teaser, which is sure to get your 90s nostalgia flaring up. In the teaser the scene starts with Stamos, who is Dannon’s Oikos spokesman, enjoying a Dannon product while watching the big game. The comical moment comes when the camera pans out to Coulier and Saget sitting with Stamos at the kitchen counter.

While Stamos and Saget ditched their characters’ hairstyles and brand of style from the 90s sitcom, Coulier’s feetie pajamas seem right in line with what his character Joey Gladstone would normally wear.

Saget, who has long gone on record to say that he thought his character Danny, his brother-in-law, and best friend were all “gay for each other,” is the first to knock the living situation decades after Full House aired its pilot episode in 1987. The stand up comedian, who has a pretty cushy gig doing voice over as “Future Ted” on the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother, muses as Danny Tanner:

“Don’t you think it’s time we all get our own places?”

It’s quick, but it packs a big laugh for any fan of the show, and it’s something that will most definitely hold all the Full House enthusiasts over until the full commercial airs on February 2 during the Super Bowl XLVIII, which will see the Denver Broncos against the Seattle Seahawks.

This isn’t the first time John Stamos has reprised his role as Elvis-obsessed Jesse Katsopolis. The actor appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show to play his character’s hit song with the fictional band Jesse and The Rippers.

The Full House-related Super Bowl reunion may not be enough for some fans who were looking forward to the spin-off series turned hoax, but the Dannon commercial seems to be the only thing fans of the 90s sitcom will have in terms of a real reunion. That said, the actors aren’t completely shooting the idea down and still seem somewhat game for something small, particularly Candace Cameron-Bure, who played the eldest Tanner daughter, DJ Tanner.

“Everyone talks about it and we’ve all talked about it. But who knows? … It’d be really fun. I’ve always said I’d be up for it if it happens.”

Check out the teaser for the Full House-Dannon commercial below: