Snorting Smarties Could Lead To Nose Maggots; Kids Be Warned!

Snorting Smarties, those little candy buttons which you probably never thought could or would be crushed up and snorted, may, as bizarre as it may sound, be becoming an alarming new trend.

The first reports of the latest fad to hit America came out of the Frontier Middle School in Buffalo, NY, which posted an urgent alert on their website.

The interim Superintendent of the School, Paul Hashem, said: “We were informed by the principal that about 15 students were identified as participating in the crushing of and inhaling of the Smarties.”

He continued: “The kids were quite surprised at this, and I think a little scared, too. This is the first [instance] I heard about in this area.”

Health Commissioner Dr. Gail Burstein, said that snorting Smarties will not get you high, regardless of how much you snort. She also warned about the dangers of snorting Smarties:

“If the Smarties do end up getting into the lung, then that can also cause infection. It is an irritant; it can cause wheezing and maybe chronic cough and asthma and sinus complications. And, ultimately, if someone is allergic to sugar or the contents of Smarties, then they could end up having an anaphylactic reaction and dying.”

Unfortunately, the problem isn’t limited to one school or one state. Jodie Altman, the director of adolescent clinical services for Alcohol & Drug Dependency Services Inc., spoke to reporters about the need for parents to be vigilant over their children:

“Their room is in your house. You need to ask questions. You need to look; you need to pay attention. You need to be a step ahead, because they’re always a step ahead of us. keep an eye on things, and look through things,” she said.

As well as a possible threat to the healthy functioning of the respiratory system, snorting Smarties can also lead to maggots developing in the nasal cavity (according to some experts), lung infections, bleeding, and long-term nasal passage damage.

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