The United States of Facebook: Whopping 96% of Americans Under 50 on the Social Network

Taken out of the context of Facebook’s ubiquity, the 96% figure in itself is pretty astounding.

Do 96% of Americans eat at McDonald’s? Drink Starbucks? Shop at Target? Then again, the study that yielded the findings was a very statistically small number of people- just over 400. But even in a small group such as that, a rate of 96% saturation is pretty damned impressive.

Of those polled, 39% log in to Facebook multiple times a day, and 29% check in at least once. 19% Facebook 3-4 times a week, and 8% do it weekly. Just 5% of those polled report logging in “rarely,” and no one reported “never” Facebooking.

Also not surprising was that the biggest Facebook related concern the individuals polled had were… privacy concerns. 82% of those surveyed cited the issue as their top Facebook worry. The population polled is said to have “roughly resembled” the general demographics of America, but it would be interesting to really drill down on Facebook saturation in different segments of under-50 America.

Do you find the results to be accurate? How often do you log on to Facebook?