Lindsay Lohan Out Of Rehab, Wants To Do Movies

Lindsay Lohan movies were announced at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival now that she’s out of rehab.

In a related story from The Inquisitr, the Lindsay Lohan GTA 5 lawsuit over the bikini girl photo had everyone shaking their heads and the first thing the crazy ex-Disney star did after exiting rehab was to post a nude selfie. It was also rumored that she was responsible for an attack on Paris Hilton’s brother so perhaps that’s why Britney Spears didn’t allow Lohan at her Las Vegas show.

Although Lohan remains on probation for stealing a necklace and lying to police about a car crash, she was allowed to attend Sundance 2014:

“I’ve never had the honor of coming here before… to bring something to the table, which is starting fresh for me. And I’m filming my Oprah docu-series right now, so I get to that to the people who have been watching that as well. It’s a nice change to be back among people that are in the industry that I’ve been in since I was a kid.”

She launched the news conference while being followed by her Oprah-backed reality TV show camera crew and reporters were warned to not ask personal questions or they’d be kicked out. And that’s when she announced her decision to launch another movie.

While this new project hasn’t been given a title, it does have a script and it’s said Lionsgate will be backing Lohan up for this go around. Lohan hopes to pick out a director by the end of next week and none of the co-stars have been cast, either. She hopes Juliette Lewis and Jessica Lange might be interested, stating she would “die if she did.”

As for the plot, it’s supposed to be a psychological thriller about a woman recovering something she lost and moviegoers are claimed to “to really be shocked when they see Lindsay take this role on.” Read: it’s a psychological thriller, not a movie about a woman psycho. In any case, therapy and rehab must still be on Lindsay’s mind since this is how she described being back in the movie making business:

“It’s therapeutic for me to throw myself into something that really excites me and something that I love to do so much. There’s nothing better than having seen all of your ideas and thoughts that you’ve been thinking about to come to fruition and to share that with people. I think that’s why I’ve always loved making movies so much. So it’s nice to be able to have another position in the film rather than just showing up and being on the set.”

What do you think about Lindsay Lohan’s movie announcement; interested or just another The Canyons?