Dave Batista WWE RAW Return A 'Mistake' By A 'Metrosexual Fashionista'?

Patrick Frye

Dave Batista's WWE return on Monday Night RAW is being called a "mistake" by some. But that's just the tip of the iceberg...

In a related story from The Inquisitr, even though rumors had been going on for months, the aftermath of a John Cena and CM Punk team match was when WWE RAW officially announced the Batista comeback.

Batista apparently has been busy working in the movie industry for the last four years although he did do some MMA fights. It was hoped by some that the storyline for Dave Batista's RAW return would have him showing up at the last minute and do something crazy. While we didn't get that we did receive an interesting announcement.

It all started with Orton complaining about Batista and Brock Lesnar's WWE return. This had Dave Batista fans chanting his name and Orton began complaining about being disrespected. After Triple H and Orton finishes that's when the Batista music begins to play and he enters the ring wearing street clothes. After posing for the fans, and kissing the ring mat floor, Batista taunts Orton by saying he could answer some questions about his return. Dave Batista then threw down the gauntlet by declaring he's back to win the Royal Rumble and be WWE World Heavyweight Champion and go on to headline WrestleMania and he doesn't care if he has to go through Orton and John Cena in order to pull this off. After that stunner, Batista simply drops the mic and leaves the ring to a fuming Orton.

But some commentators at the Bleacher Report were not so impressed with this announcement:

"[Batista is] coming back as plain old boring babyface Batista. The same guy whom John Cena quickly overtook in 2005 when they got the two world titles and switched spots in that year's WWE draft. I'm finding it hard to get too excited for Batista's return if he's not going to be the delusional combination of Kanye West and a metrosexual fashionista he was when we last saw him in 2010.... As a babyface in 2014 who may be hampered by injuries and age, he risks being a generic big guy and underwhelming everyone."

What do you think about Dave Batista's WWE RAW return?